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Can "BEFORE" and "AFTER" be used with strings in CA PPM XOG?

Question asked by Kyle_R Employee on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by paul.maxwell

Checking to see if anyone has successfully used "BEFORE" and "AFTER" evaluations with strings in CA PPM, XOG?


The documentation CA PPM, XML Open Gateway Developer Guide Release 13.2.00 suggests that strings are valid:


However, in testing, I could not get any string to evaluate with BEFORE or AFTER.

The XOG ran without error, but returned no results. 


BEFORE and AFTER have been used before with dates.


So I am wondering if the documentation is not quite right (and this should be limited to date fields) - or if I'm just not using this correctly! (A single confirmation of using with a string type would confirm the latter.  )



You may use the "EQUALS" command with an asterisk wildcard (*) to get around the limitation.


For example, the following will pull back items beginning with "CA" or ending with "_L2".



Thanks, Kyle_R.