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Disable JBOSS/Wildfly Scheduled Deployment Scanner  -  I/O performance improvement

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- Prior notes captured this tip within other performance notes:  Performance Notes for CA Identity Manager (IM) 




Default installation of JBOSS 6.x+ / Wildfly 8.x+ may leverage a deployment scanner of 5 seconds (5000 millisecond), that will constantly scan for any changes of updated/new jar files.  


However, for CA solutions, any changes will be deployed and the process will likely request that the J2EE server is to be restarted.    I am not aware of any dynamic changes required by CA Solutions, that would leverage this dynamic scan feature by the J2EE tier.


Therefore, we can gain I/O performance for the JBOSS/Wildfly solution, by change the default value of scan-interval to a value less than 1.



See notes from JBOSS using the  --gui

Useful Wildfly/JBOSS CLI Monitoring Scripts 







Example(s) to change this value:


Using the console



Running via CLI with no userID/password.

./ --connect  --command="/subsystem=deployment-scanner/scanner=default/:write-attribute(name=scan-interval,value=-1)


Running via CLI with userID and Password (assumed this was pre setup)

/opt/CA/wildfly-idm/bin/ --connect --user=jboss-admin --password=Password01!  --command="/subsystem=deployment-scanner/scanner=default/:write-attribute(name=scan-interval,value=-1)"


Viewing the attribute's value before/after with CLI process

/opt/CA/wildfly-idm/bin/ --connect --user=jboss-admin --password=Password01!  --command="/subsystem=deployment-scanner/scanner=default/:read-attribute(name=scan-interval)"




Afterwards, restart your J2EE server, and validate if there is a performance gain with startup time, and run&operate times.