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IDMS "Large Format File" Support

Question asked by kirri03 Employee on Jul 9, 2018
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Greetings and salutations, fellow IDMS'ers.  I have a question to ask the group.  Back in release 17, the "Feature Guide" mentioned that "Large Format Dataset" support was added, but it doesn't say for what (database files, journals offloads, log offloads, backups, ?).  I've asked around and no one seems to have tried using an IDMS database dataset (BDAM) larger than 65,535 tracks ("Large Format").  When I look in the z/OS book, it says "Large Format Files are only supported for VSAM, sequential,etc., but NOT for BDAM".  So I'm wondering if IDMS will only support "Large Format Files" for IDMS database files when using VSAM (only).  Anyone?