Upgrading Automic DB from Oracle 11g to 12c

Discussion created by TinaHart609265 on Jul 10, 2018
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Good Morning,

We have to upgrade our Automic Oracle DB to 12c and are just wondering if anyone has gone through this process before.  We're currently on 11.2.6HF1.

From a procedural perspective, this is what I'm thinking we will need to do during the backend upgrade:

1 - Bring down the agents and application using the same procedure as during an upgrade (clear activities, shutdown agents, stop clients, bring down CPs/WPs, and stop Windows Service)

2 - Allow the DB team to complete the upgrade.

3 - Bring up main services, and once stable start the clients.

4 - Start all Agents.

5 - Advise teams that they can start their queues.

For this type of backend update, is there anything that we might be missing?  Has anyone done any backend DB upgrades and run in to any issues?