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Capam_command updateTargetApplication return authorization failed

Question asked by nmm.nb on Jul 10, 2018
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probably I'm doing something wrong.

I'm trying to update Attribute.descriptor2 on several devices. And the way I pretend to do it is using capam_command.

But I keep getting Authorization failed.


D:\GEN500000000000989>capam_command.bat cmdName=updateTargetApplication capam=*** UserID=yyyy TargetApplication.ID=1533 TargetServer.ID=1092 TargetApplication.type=unixII Attribute.descriptor2=test
Enter password:
<cr.statusDescription>PAM-CM-0557: Authorization failed. User {0} does not have
permission for this entity. Not authorized for command: updateTargetApplication<


My user is belongs to dynamic Target Group with TargetAdmin role (this role have Update Target Application privilege). If I use UI with my user, I can change descriptor2 field without any error.

With capam_command and my user,  I can do searchTargetApplication without any problem.

Does anyone had this problem?


Thanks in advance

Best regards