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Lookback API Efficiency - querying for n stories

Question asked by kjmorton on Jul 10, 2018
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So I am tasked with running a query for a large list of n formatted ID strings. Below, I have outlined how I am currently running the query. I have noticed the query takes anywhere from 0.5-2 seconds per formatted ID.


I am wondering if there is a faster method of querying for a large number n of strings.

LookbackApi lookbackApi = new LookbackApi(); lookbackApi.setCredentials("myusername", "mypassword"); lookbackApi.setWorkspace("myworkspace");

LookbackQuery query = lookbackApi.newSnapshotQuery();

      .requireFields("ScheduleState", "FormattedID", "_ValidFrom", "Blocked", "Project")
     .hydrateFields("ScheduleState", "Project");

for(String formattedID : list) {
    query.addFindClause("FormattedID", formattedID);
    // process the query results


Appreciate any info you can provide!