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Direct URL Launch for Support Automation

Question asked by jordanreich on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Alex_Perretti


Right now in order to launch Support Automation. You must navigate to the employee page (or a link to the chat area). That allows you to input the area and description. Before clicking continue to launch the session.



We would like to utilize Service Catalog as a means from which to direct a user to chat support for additional help. But would like to take it a step further then simply dumping them on the main page. Because if we ask them whats wrong once within Catalog we don't want to ask them the same questions again. The wish is to be able to pass a direct link into SDM with variables that we can fill from the form to launch chat immediately once the button is pushed.


Example of Concept:



Not sure if this is possible. Conceptually seems like it should work. But if someone has accomplished this or has an idea of how this would need to be formatted or passed. It would be helpful.


Thank you!