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Can we have two separate instance of CA UIM running with same Domain name on a same network with 2 different versions?

Question asked by sadashiv_s on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by sadashiv_s

I am trying to do a parallel upgrade, one instance of CA UIM 8.4 is already in production and I am creating a separate environment for CA UIM 8.51.


Intention is to keep the Domain name same, as once we are done with all the tunnel installations and configuration we can switch to the new environment.


Problem I am facing is the new HUB starts reporting to the same CA UIM 8.4 environment as a HUB running Data_engine and all other probes. 


I have disabled the broadcast on all the hubs on 8.4 env even new 8.51 hub same setting has been applied.

Cleared the security files on the new 8.51 hub and deleted the hub.sds file as well and restarted the Nimbus services. 


But after some time interval all the hubs from the environment 8.4 starts reporting to this one. 


Any ideas how I can manage the two CA UIM setup having same Domain name separately