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CA Directory Replication Delay Monitor Check

Question asked by Pack on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by lu.hu02

Hello Team,


I am new to CA Directory as we are migrating our PolicyStore from ODSEE to CA Directory... I would like to setup a monitoring script to check replication delay between two DSA's. How can I check or know using script? In Sun LDAP they have insync command that will display output with number of seconds delay between two servers and alert will be sent if the delay is more than 30 sec.

I would like to do same kind of replication monitoring in CA Directory.


Also, is there any command line I can use to create replication setup between two DSA's rather modifying files manually and copying from each server to share the same knowledge file which is easy human error when updating files manually. Is there any command in CA Directory to setup replication between two DSA. sorry I come back to Sun LDAP again, since Sun LDAP has a command that will take remote server:IP and other settings which will be easy.


Please let me know.