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Clustered DB Settings for PAM Install.

Question asked by fjkaplan on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by MWNiebuhr

Requesting information about recommended settings for a Clustered MSSQL DB used to power CA Process Automation version 4.3.100 (and above).


Specifically, how should the cluster be configured with respect to failover/failback for its nodes?  (Active/Active?  Active/Standby?  Other?)


I have tried looking at both CA online documentation and Communities, but was unable to find any details.


(Background Info: We have been experiencing PAM failures whenever DB failover/failback occurs within our MSSQL cluster.  PAM does not recover even when DB failover/back is complete.  We have to completely stop all PAM services on all nodes before even touching the DB nodes in the cluster or we risk complete failure of the entire system.)