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CDM probe is not getting activated

Question asked by vineesha413 on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by Britta_Hoffner

Hi Folks,


We are trying to enable CDM monitoring on a windows 2008 Enterprise server 32 bit  version but with no luck.The CDM probe gets a PID(process Id) allocated but it does not get a port.we have other monitoring such as database monitoring set up on the same server which is completely working fine.It's just the CDM that's not working.


We have uninstalled and reinstalled the nimsoft agent on the server and then we ran in to the below pop up thrown by Visual studio.



"An unhandled win32 Exception occured in CDM.EXE.

The Just-In-Time debugger was launched without necessary security permissions. To debug this process, the Just-In-Time debugger must be run as an administrator. Would you like to debug the process?"


CDMProbe Version:5.80




Did anyone ran in to the above error?Any pointers would be highly appreciated .