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Anomalia on graphic report.

Question asked by Miller2012 on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Miller2012

Hi everyone.


I need your help for understand this.


I have a router-switch of type alcatel monitored with snmpcollector.

When generate a report, the day 30 Jun, 2 interfaces showing a peak of 27.40gb and 22.29gb in qos_bits_in. This device have a nominal speed of 10gb.



My questions are:


1- If the nominal speed is 10gb, Why the qos max and value are above the 10gb?.

2- Why the max indicate 21.16gb if on the graphic only the top is 16.79gb?. The graphic not achieves to 21.16gb


For this graphic, is normal that exist space whe select aggreggation to 5 minutos?



Best Regards.