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Autosweep configured but not running 12.8

Question asked by BERNARD LEBLANC on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by David_Macedo

Hi All,

I enabled autosweep to run locally. I scheduled it to run daily at 8:30, instead of default Sun@8:30. Pretty simple configuration but it doesn't run.

Documentation isn't giving any information about what to expect but I suppose that the «Autoswept» value should indicate the last run time. I also found information about querying the last execution log file so I suppose it generates a log file for each execution.

7-Autosweep, Current Value:"TRUE"
8-AutosweepSchedule, Current Value:"8:30"
9-Autoswept, Current Value:""

So far no indication of any execution.

Is there something else to configure/enable?