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How to transfer different files to different locations

Question asked by Simpleuser on Jul 15, 2018
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My question is how to allow this script transfer different files files to different locations?:


Script inside Process tab in JOBF:


:set &file# = ( *.zip )
:set &source# = 'd:\reports\'
:set &dest# = 'd:\reports\TEST\'
:set &src# = '&source#&file#'
:set &dst# = '&dest#&file#'


Its wolrking good but allow transfer only one (named) file or all .zip using wildcards but to one loaction.


I need as follow:

All the files should be transfered from the same &source# but &dest# will have different subfolders.


Example: goes to d:\reports\TEST\ goes to d:\reports\TEST2\


Additionaly some files have to go to same &dest#: and goes to d:\reports\TEST\


One more thing. Names of the files are known and can be listed.


Thanks for any help.