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Can't access CA server content from localhost

Question asked by Alias.has.already.been.used on Jul 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Sagi_Gabay

I am working through the "Building your first app" tutorial. The Tutorial recommends external development with Rally-App-Builder.


I installed Rally-App-Builder and wrote a basic "Hello World" app. "Hello Word" works fine at localhost:1337/App-debug.html.


Switching to the tutorial code, it fails because it's not able to access the CA server content. So the iteration dropdown is draw but has no content, and there are no cards in the cardboard.


If I build and deploy the tutorial (ie paste the resulting App.html in a custom  HTML app on the server), it works fine. So either localhost can't reach the server, or the server won't respond to the request.


I am working on my home PC but the CA Central installation is my employer. I am able to log in to CA at and see the same content as I would in the office. I am using Chrome.


So, a few questions:


1) Is external dev with the App Builder still supported?

2) If yes, can you suggest anything that might be blocking the content in my case?

3) Is there anywhere I can switch on error logging/find local logs to diagnose the problem?



Many thanks