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CA PPM Default Password?

Question asked by CarsonHolmes1350621 on Jul 14, 2018
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I just installed CA PPM for my first time on a server.  I think I've done everything correctly, in CSA three services are started successfully, which includes CA PPM Application, CA PPM Background, and Database (on SQL Server).  I can even get to the login screen.  However, the admin password I used for setup isn't working to get in.  It looks like in CSA under the security properties for the server that it needs to be configured to use LDAP, yet I'm trying to get a POC working.  Don't have LDAP setup.  Isn't there a default password or some way around the LDAP?


Any idea how I can log in?


I found the following users in the DB table CMN_SEC_USERS, but obviously not sure what these hashes are...

-99  ppm_invalid_user  uOKlIQvhjQY5DkehDm8EWN825FHlOsjjRg+jaQcvmlQ=
1  admin  jGl25bVBBBW96Qi9Te4V37Fnqchz/Eu4qB9vKrRIqRg=
7  scheduler  9hY0/ohJ30KpGjopjjLXfA==
8  process_admin  9hY0/ohJ30KpGjopjjLXfA==
9  monitor_admin  9hY0/ohJ30KpGjopjjLXfA==
5000001  xc_admin  uOKlIQvhjQY5DkehDm8EWN825FHlOsjjRg+jaQcvmlQ=