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JOBS.WIN, Powershell script, Cannot find type [?TypeName]

Question asked by Priyesh_2 Employee on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Priyesh_2

Problem statement: 


Automic's Windows job (JOBS.WIN object) which has to execute a PowerShell Script with a section for New-Object PSObject


$object = New-Object –TypeName PSObject

$object | Add-Member –MemberType NoteProperty –Name Property1 –Value $temp[1]

$object | Add-Member –MemberType NoteProperty –Name Property2 –Value $temp[0]

$object | Add-Member –MemberType NoteProperty –Name Property3 –Value $temp[2]


I can run the Powershell script via PowerShell ISE (from the same server) successfully however Automic is not doing it in same way, instead REP shows a message "Cannot find type [?TypeName]: verify that the assembly containing this type is loaded."


Has anybody encountered this before? Please guide.