Transporting Objects With AWA REST API v12.2

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This set of objects will allow you to export a single object in json format and import it in a target environment under a different name, at a specific location.


It is possible to export most object types, but it will not work with users, hosts (agents), clients, folders.


The first webservice job exports the object, the second Powershell job edits the .json output, and the third job imports the object in the target client.






  • BEFORE importing the objects, connect to Client 0.


In UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS, set if not done already: 


In UC_EXT_INTERPRETERS_WINDOWS, there must be a ‘POWERSHELL’ entry like below:


  • You need a REST WebService Agent and a Windows agent. Both agents must reside on the same host.






  • Import the xml.
  • Set the agents and login in the jobs’ attributes.
  • Adjust the REST Connection object ‘CONN.WEBSERVICEREST@AWA_REST_API’:



Replace <AESERVER> with the actual AE server’s hostname or IP.

The username and password must be the same for both clients (source and destination). In other words, the exact same user must exist twice: once in the source client, once in the destination client.

Also set the hostname.


  • The objects should now be ready for the first transport.







  • Fill in the Promptset



  • Then 

 The execution should complete within a few seconds.

  • Connect to the target Client.
  • The object as well as the target path have been created:




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