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Replacing OSB with CA API gateway

Question asked by d.pradeepkumar1 on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by Stephen_Hughes

Hi Team,

Just need some suggestions related to OSB replacement with CA gateway.One of our client has siebel as a backend application where all the services are exposed as web services.CA API Gateway is talking to Siebel via OSB.In CA API Gateway we are offloading SSL and converting Rest to SOAP and forwarding it to Siebel via OSB.So we observed that here OSB is just doing the request validation and sending messages to Siebel.Now as OSB is just a passthrough my client want remove OSB layer and make CA Gateway to talk to Siebel directly.Here we have CA Gateway placed in Trusted zone.Need to understand whether there will be any issues connecting to Siebel directly with CA API Gateway.Any suggestions on this integration pattern.I am thinking for existing services in gateway if we import the siebel wsdl into gateway and create proxy for routing and validation that helps.Please correct me if I am wrong.