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Tool feasibility analysis for Ca Devtest --> Mobile, UI, Splunk and Gemfire

Question asked by Aarav6 on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by abrsh01

Hi Team,

I have few queries related to Ca Devtest. Currently I am using version 10.2. We are in the process of finding out whether this tool would be a best fit for the functionalities/features described below. Appreciate your earliest response in this


1. Does Ca Devtest support IOS and Android based Mobile Automation?

2. In some of the project we have the requirement where in the response need to be verified on the Splunk. Can we do this with CA Dev Test?

3. Is it Compatible with Gemfire? Any built in support available for connecting from Ca Devtest to Gemfire interface?

4. I understand the tool support at API level but does it Support UI Automation for the Application build using Angular JS based platform.