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Project dependencies Functionality

Question asked by simone.vsn on Jul 17, 2018
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Hi All, 


My client is interested in creating dependencies between projects.


I'm currently analysing the different options that we have in CA PPM (subprojects, hierarchy, dependencies to external task, project dependancies etc...) and I was wandering how the functionality "project dependencies" can be used and exploited in terms of data analysis (project > properties >  dependencies).  


Indeed, I ran some tests and when I'm creating a dependency with project A and project B, I can see that this link works fine in the the two ways by changing the mode : 


  • Project A dependencies view : mode = "Investments that depend on this one" ==> Project B
  • Project B dependencies view : mode ="Investments this one depends on" ==> Project A


My questions would be then :

How this information is exploited in CA PPM ? When I shift to the tab "hierarchy" I do not find this relationship. How the relationship is defined and what would be the module that exploit this info ? If defining such a relationship between projects,  what would be the impacts on their respective planning/budget... in case of delay of the "parent" project ?


Could you please help to figure this out ? 


Indeed, I'm quite puzzled as I could not find a lot of documentation on this function so far...  - below what is mentioned in docops.

Define Project Dependencies

Dependency relationships can exist between one investment and another in your portfolio. Use the Properties: Dependencies page for the investment to identify this relationship. Dependencies can occur between the start and completion of conflicting work effort, or from budget overruns. From this page, you can do the following tasks:

  • Add investments with dependency constraints.
  • Indicate if these investments are dependent on your investment or if your investment is dependent on them.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Open the Properties menu, and from Properties, click Dependencies.
  3. Select a mode to view or add the following:
    • Investments that depend on this one.
    • Investments this one depends on.
  4. Click Add to add more dependencies to your investment.
  5. Select an investment type from the Type drop-down, select an investment, and click Add.


Thanks in advance for your help !


With kind regards,