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Can we use For loop(iteration) in Jaspersoft studio report?

Question asked by karthick-aravind.raja-jawahar on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by karthick-aravind.raja-jawahar

Is it possible to have a loop run in a text field in the detail section in jaspersoft Report?

I have a report that returns a series of records in the detail section. Is it possible to create an expression that loops through all the records but does it on each line?


Ex : Clarity PPM Tool : I have a program with dependencies (projects) that program has 3 projects.i want to display program status report in jaspersoft studio with 3 project's information(Budget,cost & Actual). Is there any possible to display program dependencies in Jaspersoft studio report.

I have never used this tool and cannot find anything online that helps explain how to do this.