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XOG command execution through Git Bash

Question asked by velayutham.palaniappan on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Abhisek

I am working on a Windows machine. I have downloaded the cross-platform zip of the XOG Client from the Downloads section of the Application. I have a scenario where 1) The XOG input file used are placed inside folders whose name contains space. 2) The XOG command should be executed inside a Shell Script.


When I try to run the following command in "Command Prompt", it is working fine.


xog -username xogusername -password xogpassword -servername xogservername -portnumber xogport -input "XOG Folder/my_input_file.xml" -output "XOG Folder/my_output_file.xml"


But when I execute the same command in "Git Bash", it is throwing "No valid input files specified" error. The command though works fine when the folder name does not contain any space in it's name.