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PPM New UX Status Report not updating

Question asked by Richard Dunmow Employee on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by Richard Dunmow

I am working with the ca ppm new ux in 15.4.1 and I have created a project, assigned a resource to the tasks from a template through the resourcing and also submitted and posted a timesheet.


The project has actuals as shown with this screenshot



When I go and create a status report, I can see the total effort for the project, but the actuals are not coming through.



I have done the following to try and coax the actuals (Total Effort Spent) through


1) Run the warehouse build job (full)

2) Marked the tasks as complete


Does anyone know what metric is used to populate the total effort spent value. I am about to make sure the financial transactions are pushed through to WIP, maybe this is driven from the WIP tables?


Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas would be great.


UPDATE: I believe that the field I need to get working is the "Actuals" field in the Performance effort section (See below)



Once that starts to populate, then the status report should as well (I hope)