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Custom Manual Notification Activity

Question asked by ahd on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by ahd

Hello together,


i created an custom Manual Notification Activity form called Waiting for Customer wich sends an E-Mail to the Customer and should Log to the act_log.


To create this i Copied the nf.htmpl to nf_wak.htmpl and Called it by

JavaScript: popupActivityWithURL('\" + query_str1 + \"WaK+HTMPL=nf_WAK.htmpl\" + \"') from menubar_sd_l1_analyst.htmpl.


The WAK activity notification is an copy of the Manual Notification one.


This Works but the Problem i ran into some Problem with the act_log.


When i now use this Form, the Customer get's an Mail, but in the act_log Description i only see "Warten auf Kunden" but not the Mail witch i can see in manual Notification one.

On Database table act_log i can see that it only Wrote the activity notification Description into the Table.


Is there any way to fix this that i can use the WAK for this?


Kind Regards,