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Shared Model Map

Question asked by Harshadm on Jul 19, 2018
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I referred the documentation provided at this thread

@ Joel Nesmith, Srikanth Gajawada please help me here.


DevTest Version - 10.1 is being used

I am trying to implement the shared model map for one scenario.



There are 2 services getDetails and maintainDetails. These are part of same vsm file. Application invokes the services with the following sequence




First get call will display the accounts

User action add/delete invokes the maintainDetails service. Here I see the AccountNumber

Post that, there is get a getDetails that has the respective account linked or de-linked



Here, I am trying to fetch Account number rom maintain and pick right response for #2 getDetails. But somehow it is not fetching the value, and picking up the first getDetails response.


Code Details:

The following code is added for ExecuteScript step in the vsm file.

maintainDetails -

Properties myProps = new Properties();

myProps.setProperty("smmMyMessage", testExec.getStateValue("prop_SomeMessage") );

SharedModelMap.putObject(“<myNamespaceHere>”, “<enterKeyValueHere>”, myProps);


getDetails -

Properties myProps = (Properties) SharedModelMap.getObject(“<myNamespaceHere>”,

String myAccount = myProps.getProperty("smmMyMessage");


Kindly let me know whether I am missing something or is there any better way in which it can be achieved.