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Issue with Database agent on Windows

Question asked by Pothen Employee on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by Pothen

We have installed the database agent on Windows 2012 using Automic documentation.

But when we start the agent we get the below error:


20180719/141059.300 - U02000071 Current directory: C:\Automic\Agents\sql\bin
20180719/141059.300 - U02000066 Host information: Host name='sqlsvr12', IP address=''
20180719/141059.301 - U02000066 Host information: Host name='sqlsvr12', IP address=''
20180719/141059.486 - U02000153 The JVM Option HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError is enabled.
20180719/141059.971 - U02000072 Connection to system 'AWALAB' initiated.
20180719/141059.972 - U02000011 Connection to Server 'awasvr12/' initiated.
20180719/141059.987 - U02000004 Connection to Server 'AWALAB#CP002' successfully created.
20180719/141059.987 - U02000075 CP Server 'AWALAB#CP002' has '1' client connections.
20180719/141100.217 - U00003358 TransferKey for agent 'SQLSVR12_MSSQL01' has not yet been loaded.
20180719/141100.222 - U02000041 Shutdown Agent 'SQLSVR12_MSSQL01'.
20180719/141100.368 - U02000001 Agent 'SQLSVR12_MSSQL01' version '12.2.0+build.970' ended normally.


Then the agent is shut down. We do see a zero byte ucxjsqlx.kstr file created under bin folder. But for some reason the agent never communicates to the manager and shuts down as above. Any idea how it can be overcome?