NSQL to pass PARAM to another query

Discussion created by Aradhana.santra on Jul 19, 2018
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Hi All,


I came again with a new query on NSQL. I am trying to write down a query which will accept two parameters in where clause. Both of them will be transferred from another portlet. When I click on a link in a portlet it will open another portlet. The inner portlet query will fetch he data according to the values passed from the outer portlet.


Now the trick is I need to pass the PARAM value of outer portlet to inner portlet. I can easily send the DIM to inner portlet using link in the inner query and @where:param:xml:string:/data/area/@value@ but I don't know how to pass the PARAM value which I am getting from portlet filter to the inner query.


Could you please help me with it. I need to pass the value of @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:STRING:fin_year@ to another portlet query.