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nas 9.00?

Question asked by cduryea on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by dsofr01

Anyone have any gotchas/watch out for/issues outside "known issues" that are worth considering before I upgrade my nas to 9.00 from 8.52?  I don't  currently have any issues per say that I can speak of with the 8.52 version I am currently running, which begs the question of why upgrade then.  At this point I think its time to come up to speed with nas 9.00 as I move forward with cleaning up our UIM environment.  I like to think there is some improvements to be had even when they are not readily apparent in the product information document.  So I throw it out to the community to provide some input good or bad before I make the move.  Since I have not come across any other info not to, if I don't hear anything negative worth holding off, I plan to upgrade mid late next week.