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Read only fields behavior in Sub-object of a project

Question asked by shalinee on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by shalinee

Hi All,


We are running an issue in our environment 14.2 SP11 and CA PPM 15.2 SP7.


We have sub object A under project object and super sub object B under Sub Object A. Sub Object A has couple of read only fields of type “Numeric” type with default value “0”. The sequence of our testing are:


  • End User X open a CA PPM Project and create a sub object A
  • All the read only fields appears with default value “0” in edit page of Sub Object A
  • Later end user create a new instance in sup sub object B inside sub object A
  • We have a process on create in super sub object B which populates the Super Sub Object B data into sub object A read only fields.
  • End user A comes back on Sub Object A and did not yet see the value in read only fields because process is under completion to update the read only fields
  • At the same time End User Y opens the same CA PPM project and same sub object A and can see all the super sub object B data in Sub Object A read only fields
  1. Then End User X hit save on Sub Object Screen where read only was not visible just after creation of super sub object B. This overrides the value on End User Y screen as well and now bot user are seing the read only fields with “0” however at some point process has updated them but Ends User X never saw them on his/her screen and did not do F5 on their screen to see the value and they just hit save again that override the value.



Bases on our understanding read only field should not save the data back to “0” on save command from end user X.


Any suggestion much appreciate!