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Siteminder SPS with New Relic

Question asked by Vikas_Tiwari on Jul 20, 2018
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Does anyone have enabled New Relic monitoring for SPS? 

We are seeing behavior where after reaching 40 Requests/Sec SPS, requests slows down for SAML flow where we are using SPS servers to generate SAML. We are trying to figure out why the requests are slowing down when we are putting load the SPS servers.


Also, when we try to increase the JAVA heap size on SPS the SPS services are not coming up? We are running SPS on windows 2008 R2 servers and SPS version is R12.52Sp1 Can somebody please suggest how to:


1) Get New Relic working with SPS

2) Increase requests processing on load like 40 requests/Sec

3) increase JAVA Heap size