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Planning to do automation of API Onboarding

Question asked by rajasekhar33 on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Mark_HE

Hello All,


  I am really not sure whether it is possible or not but just got an idea and exposing here to get help from all of you. Kindly help me to achieve this below.


What are the tools/technologies needed to do automation of API onboarding?


Normal scenario we will get backend URL(Either ?WSDL or REST API) from application team. We will onboard this by logging into the Policy Manager by selecting either Publish wsdl service or Publish WEB api after that we will make the branching and provide some security to allow limited and required people to access the Webservice.


Now all this wanted to automate.


As normal continuous delivery we are using Jenkins and Git to build and deploy the code in backend systems. After that we are taking the URL from backend resource and onboarding in API gateway.


Same way how to automate as soon as the build file deployed in backend servers?


I don't know whether I am clear or not but my intention is directly developer can onboard his service into API gateway without logging into Gateway server/portal and make use of the API/ he would get the mail from Gateway saying the service is onboarded so please use this API to access your backend system.