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AXA- Different JS Browser Agents

Question asked by Tmcmm93 on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by FrancisLee
I'm installing an isolated DXC and I was wondering if any of you could answer whether if it is better to point directly to dxc JS
http://<..>/mdo/v1/sdks/browser/BA.js" or to point to
https://<..>/api/1/urn:ca:tenantId:DEFAULTORG/urn:ca:appId:web_teste/profile?agent=browser" data-tenantID="DEFAULTORG" data-appID="web_teste" data-appKey="a04f03a0-83cc-11e8-a4a7-eb289434d14f" ~

Because from what i see they're different , and by looking at the doc on isolated DXC it points to the first one, although when I see doc on AXA it points to the second one.
Can someone clear me this out? Is it the same?
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