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Hello! I needed to know if there is a way to combine different capabilities of in-built operators into one custom operator.

Question asked by Sanjeev03 on Jul 24, 2018
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For example - Using a SOAP operator and REST operator in one custom operator.


EDIT: For clarity, posting a well formated question...


So the basic idea is to provide a 'generic' way to handle things while switching over from one tool (which uses, say SOAP) to another tool (which uses, REST).


Consider the following scenario :-

There are a few ITPAM workflows integrated with an ITSM tool which uses the ITPAM operator 'Invoke SOAP Method'. After some period of time, this ITSM tool is now being replaced with a different one, one which uses REST methods instead of SOAP, so the compatible operators would now be HTTP operators (HTTP GET/HTTP POST/etc.) instead of the old Invoke SOAP method operator.


As a workflow designer, my only option left is to manually remove all the old operators, replace them with the new HTTPS operators, one by one. But, my current aim is to create a more 'dynamic' way to handle different integrations for future-proofing. 


Now here comes, my concept of a 'dynamic custom operator'. An operator which needs not be written in any scripting language, but instead uses a custom decision (to check which kind of web service it is) and then leverages the in-built custom operators of ITPAM. 


Would this be possible?