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Better Defect tracking apps

Question asked by niveditha_nivi on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by niveditha_nivi

The apps in the App Catalog like Defect Trend, Release Defect Trend and Defect by State are good (first three screenshots below). But they don't have any filtering options. I would like to have the same apps with filters so that I can see different cuts of data. e.g. Filter by severity, filter by release, filter by state, filter by a custom field in the defects etc. 


I found the Super customizable CFD app on github to be a decent app, but I would like to not have cumulative flow style graph for defects (last screenshot below) . Also I still don't have any replacement app with filters for the "Defect by state" app.


I also looked in github, but did not find any similar apps there.