Live Flashing UC4 Job's status

Discussion created by SudharsonNarayanamoorthy603801 on Jul 26, 2018
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I'm using AUTOMIC  Version 10.0.2 (Built - .624 & JRE Version 1.7.0_25 64 Bit). We are in need of developing a platform that flashes current job status in UC4.


Eg. If I have 4 chains running in activity window and each chain consists of 4 jobs (A total of 16 jobs) - We would like to have a Graphical Report kind of thing that shows 1) How many jobs in a chain are active currently 2) How many jobs failed 3) what all the long running jobs and 4) How many jobs are waiting for its predecessor to complete.


Would like to have some sort of live graphical flashing output.


Is there any way, we can produce it from UC4 ? (like installing some plugins and interfacing to external systems...!)


Please let me know your inputs.