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Dynamic Response from VSI alongwith OPERATION Match

Question asked by jaydip.patil on Jul 30, 2018
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We have one VSI for REST API with 1 request and corresponding 2 responses transactions(RES1 & RES2).

Below is requirement

1. Signature of Request may vary

2. There is one field XYZ in Request URL based on which response needs to be picked.

3. RES1 & RES2 have different payloads.


Our approach till now:

1. Develop Virtual Service with Req/Res pair approach.

2. Mark Match Style for META, RES1 & RES2 transactions as Operation as there is a possibility that request payload may vary.

3. Under Request Data --> Arguments define value for XYZ.


Issue we are facing

Every time we are getting RES1 irrespective of value for XYZ