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CA TDM mainframe programs documentation missing

Question asked by FM_TAP on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Sean-K-CA

As a result of the installation of CA TDM in the mainframe we find 18 members in the LOADLIB library. 

In previous CA TDM versions, the docops contents show some textual explanation for each one of the programs and their respective parameters as you can see in the link below: 

Dump Data From DB2 Tables (DB2) - CA Test Data Manager - 3.2.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 


The current 4.5 version does not mention those programs. In addition a GTMOD program has been included in the library and has been mentioned in the DSNTIAUL subsetting JCL template, but no documentation has been provided:

DB2 Subsetting Without Masking - CA Test Data Manager - 4.5 - CA Technologies Documentation 


 Can anyone shed some light as to what each program in the LOADLIB do with their respective parameters?