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Federation POC setup on the basis of origin of request

Question asked by Aishwarya_Tri_ey on Jul 31, 2018
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I have a query on federation services. So the infrastructure design is as below:

1)There is 1 internal access gateway server( designed to handle the request when accessed within the client network) and 1 external aceess gateway server.

2)There is one policy server 

 The requirement is that an application when accessed internally should be using the IWA flow and when accessed externally should be using form authentication.

I am trying to setup a poc for the same. I protected the resource(/affwebservices/redirectjsp/redirect.jsp) twice using the agent 1(access gateway 1) and agent 2(access gateway 2) and created one single federation partnership with common base URL. The main query is will this setup work if the domain(utilized in the base URL) has the required DNS configuration to resolve to the appropriate access gateway on the basis of origin of the request. 

Any help is highly appreciated!##