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sap_basis probe question

Question asked by kanandaguberan on Aug 2, 2018
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I am working on adding a device for sap monitoring and all the pre-installation is successfully completed. However, when I restart the probe after adding the device, the device just vanishes and the next time when I open up, I get an error saying key host not found. I looked at the logs and the logs says that the sap .jco and .dll files are missing. I verified the path that I gave in the set up and it is the right path as well. 


The cfg file contains the host definition however when I try to open it using the probe GUI, it says key host not found.


Jul 30 11:24:53:982 [main, sap_basis] ****************[ Starting ]****************
Jul 30 11:24:53:982 [main, sap_basis] 2.00
Jul 30 11:24:53:982 [main, sap_basis] CA Technologies
Jul 30 11:24:53:997 [main, sap_basis] port=48012
Jul 30 11:24:54:013 [main, sap_basis] Login to NimBUS is OK
Jul 30 11:24:54:013 [main, sap_basis] initializing sap graph...
Jul 30 11:24:54:247 [main, sap_basis] Resource type cannot be empty
Jul 30 11:24:54:247 [main, sap_basis] init() failed
Jul 30 11:24:54:247 [main, sap_basis] java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to create session for Resource 'sapsbx-dn04'. ** Trigger exit **
at com.nimsoft.probe.application.sapmonitoring.SapSessionMgr.buildSession(
at com.nimsoft.probe.application.sapmonitoring.SapSessionMgr.buildSession(
at com.nimsoft.probe.common.cms.AbstractSessionMgr.getSession(
at com.nimsoft.probe.application.sapmonitoring.SapMonitoringProbe.createDataCollector(
at com.nimsoft.vm.BaseProbe.init(
at com.nimsoft.probe.application.sapmonitoring.SapMonitoringProbe.init(
at com.nimsoft.vm.BaseProbe.initOnTimer(
at com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimProbe.doForever(
at com.nimsoft.vm.BaseProbe.execute(
at com.nimsoft.probe.application.sapmonitoring.SapMonitoringProbe.main(
Caused by: (12) login failed, Resource type cannot be empty
at com.nimsoft.probe.common.ctd.SapSession.<init>(
at com.nimsoft.probe.application.sapmonitoring.SapSessionMgr.buildSession(
... 10 more
Aug 02 10:49:56:548 [main, sap_basis] ****************[ Stopped ]****************
Aug 02 10:49:56:548 [main, sap_basis] &&&&&-stopping resources
Aug 02 10:49:56:548 [main, sap_basis] SCHEDULER: using scheduler_thread_pool_size = 3
Aug 02 10:49:56:563 [main, sap_basis] ExecutorService tasks failed to complete within one minute. Forcing them down.
Aug 02 10:49:56:563 [main, sap_basis] &&&&&--stopped resources


Any help on this will be much appreciated.




Ananda Guberan K