Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Resource inside application server Tomcat 

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Aug 3, 2018


I'm running CA Access Gateway (SPS), and I would like to create a
resource like proxyui inside the embedded server Tomcat. I would like
to start my customlogin.fcc page with another resource. Which steps I
have to follow ? Is possible ? Or is it necessary to create a WAR and
put inside the CA Access Gateway (SPS) Tomcat server in the
Tomcat/webapp folder ?




First you need to know that CA Access Gateway (SPS) doesn't support
local content :

Product Limitations

"CA Access Gateway does not support local content. The ability to place
content on CA Access Gateway is not exposed, and CA Access Gateway
does not support proxy rules for providing access to local content."

In order to protect your application with a custom authentication
scheme, you have to run the application on a backend server, and
configure the protection on the SPS and placing the custom
authentication scheme at the same place of the login.fcc.

To illustrate :

Your application runs on

You configure the proxyrule to relay

Then you place the taftlogin.fcc in the same folder as per the
login.fcc on the SPS server.

Then you protect your application defining the realm :


And then when the user will hit, it
will be redirected to

and once successfully authenticated and authorized, the request will
go to, and the reply will appear in
the user browser as


KB : KB000108977