Application is not able to consume the message from LISA Response queue for MQ mainframe virtualization

Discussion created by ankit.panwar on Aug 5, 2018
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I am using Dev Test 10.2.4 and below are the details of use case , the details of what I have done and the issue we are facing -


We have virtualized a mainframe system where the request is base64 bytes format. When hitting from consuming layer , In the request body I was getting the junk characters while in recorded_raw_request_bytes attribute , I could see the request fired from consuming application so I filtered it from that attribute and was able to crate a virtual service which is getting the request , able to filter it out to fetch proper Response form VSI and publish the required Response in the Response Queue.


Now , Consuming application is not able to consume the response published by us.


We are getting Character set as 819(ASCII) from consuming application and they say it is cp037 / cp500(while making the virtual service I am converting base64 bytes into readable string by using cp037).


I have tried the below hit&trial while sending the Response -


1) In Response Meta Data - msg.characterSet value to be 819(ASCII) , 1208(UFT) , 37 and 500.

For 37 & 500 the Response sent by us is found to be converted into junk characters in MQ logs. By using 819 , it seems fine i.e. whatever we sent , same was captured in MQ logs.


Please help on this.