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User Cannot See Own Active Timesheets

Question asked by shawn.tuttle on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by urmas

There's a user trying to enter time in his timesheets, but he is unable to see any timesheets in the open period.


When he tries to view his timesheets by filtering for all open time periods, he sees posted timesheets from May and the beginning of June, which are closed. When he hits "Show All," he gets error "TMA-0124: Timesheet not found for current timeperiod. Please select available timesheet from list." 


According to the Clarity user, things worked fine for him until May 1. He was submitting timesheets, but his manager saw 0 hours submitted. A new project was added under his timesheet, but it was not showing up for him. Now we have this problem.


Current workaround is for his supervisor to enter his time for him, but he should not have to do that. 


I've tried removing the user from the timekeeping group and resource enter time instance and re-adding him, but that did not work either.


Any advice?