Microsoft Dynamics AX

Discussion created by Dale_Stockman Champion on Aug 8, 2018

Anyone with experience integrating CA PPM with MS Dynamics AX?


Have a customer currently requesting project deliverable approval through MS Dynamics AX and then performing time entry there.  


Goal is to move deliverable (task) creation into CA PPM, interface with MS Dynamics AX for approval which would enable time entry to task in CA PPM, then book time to approved tasks in CA PPM, exporting transactions (hours, costs) to MS Dynamics AX.


At same time, other groups using same CA PPM instance are not using MS Dynamics - they may be using another financial solution or none at all - the solution for MS Dynamics AX cannot interfere with other groups usage of CA PPM.


Just looking for some general feedback, for anyone willing to share experience, lessons learned.  Have not heard MS Dynamics AX mentioned in this community - maybe we are the first to look at integrating with it?


Found "microsoft dynamics ax" existing in tag list, but zero results returned when searching CA PPM forum on same phrase.