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Azure monitoring requirement

Question asked by aditi on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by aditi

Hi Team,

We have some urgent client requirement to monitor below type of monitoring. I have checked azure monitoring probe(metrics and all) [] as well but could not get the proper details(except for Azure subscription ).

Requirement is to monitor below parameters:

  • Expressroute Up/Down monitoring
  • Expressroute utilization and latency monitoring
  • VPN Gateway Up/Down monitoring
  • VPN Gateway utilization and latency monitoring
  • Availability set failure notification
  • Keyvault service usage
  • Keyvault expiration notifications
  • Azure Public load balancer monitoring
  • Subscription level alerts / resource health
  • API Reporting
  • Azure automation runbook monitoring
  • Azure advisor notifications
  • Azure DNS reporting
  • NSG log monitoring
  • UDR modification
  • Azure subscription permissions audit and alerting
  • Intrusion events from Azure Security Center
  • DDoS events from Azure Security Center
  • Server compliance reporting
  • Login / access reporting
  • Access violation reports
  • Unusual disk activity
  • Compliance controls enforcement
  • Attacks per server per month
  • Outbound data traffic / type
  • Top inbound / outbound hosts

Please help and suggest if this could be done by ca azure probe solution or not. Regards Aditi