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How to have 2 different REST services with similar operations on the same port?

Question asked by Rob-BBT on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Mike_Gavaghan

I have 2 different REST services with the following operations:


CreatePackage:  POST /api/packages

AddDocument:   POST/api/packages/{DYNAMIC_PACKAGE_ID}/documents


The base URL for CreatePackage has /api/packages and since AddDocument will have a dynamic value for package id, the base path is set to /.


The problem is, if both services are on the same port (443 in this case), both requests try to call the CreatePackage service.  If I move AddDocument to port 444, then it gets called correctly.  


Am I doing something wrong?  I'm assuming DevTest is seeing the /api/packages piece of the operation when calling AddDocument and quickly thinking it must be a CreatePackage request.