Who uses the Staff OBS?

Discussion created by Garrett-S on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by Garrett-S

We are curious who uses the Staff OBS on the Teams tab and for what purpose.  Currently this is not scheduled to be part of the new UX.  We are building a case for CA to show them it is important for it to be included in order for us to completely move to the new UX.


We use it to report the Capacity v Demand for Roles by Department (Team), especially on an Idea.  Instead of creating hundreds of the same roles labelled by the department, we use the Staff OBS to distinguish the demand for a role and what department the demand is for.  For example, on ideas we only know the role that's needed and what department that role needs to be from.  So to be able to see the Demand for a role by Department OBS, we assign a Staff OBS to the role on the idea.  Therefore we are able to run reports and custom portlets that show us the incoming demand vs the capacity of a role by department and that helps us to decide if we can take on an idea and convert it to a project.


What does everyone else do with the Staff OBS?  Who else wants this to be included in the new UX?