Editing Static Variable -- Unexpected Result

Discussion created by TimothyYanosko604352 on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2018 by treal04

Running version 11.2.7.HF1.  User is manually editing a static variable with multiple lines via GUI.


In row 1 there is a Key = 'FakeFile' and Value 1 = 'MSCI_NOWAYJOSE' .

in row 2 there is a key  = 'RealFile and Value 1 = RealData'


In the first row delete the text 'FakeFile and then tab and delete the text MSCI_NOWAYJOSE  AND KEEP THE CURSOR in the 'Value 1' field  then hit save


Once this row (Key = FakeFile and Value 1 = MSCI_NOWAYJOSE) is deleted the row directly below row 1 loses the value stored in column Value 1 which should still be RealData


I've never seen this happen before.  Any help is appreciated.