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Possible Bug when Deleting Data from Static Variable object

Question asked by TimothyYanosko604352 on Aug 10, 2018
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Running v11.2.7.hf1 on Windows.


I've a customer who is editing a static variable via the GUI and has uncovered this "feature/bug".


Create a static variable

In row 1 find Key = 'FakeFile' and Value 1 = 'NO'
In row 2 find Key = 'TrueFile' and Value 1 = 'Yes'

Delete the data in the first column, first row 'Key = 'FakeFile'
Delete the data in the second column, first row Value 1 = 'NO' *****BUT KEEP THE CURSOR in the value 1 field.****

Hit save.

You'll find once the original row 1 is deleted, the row which is now row one (1) loses the data in the Value 1 field.

I.e.Key = 'TrueFile' and Value 1 = <Blank>