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Running Windows job as different user

Question asked by FredS on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by FredS

I am finding lots of posts related to error message 'U02001007 User 'domain\acct' is unknown or an invalid password has been provided.'.  Some issues / questions answered some not.

Can someone clarify how I perceive this to work.

AE system has local Windows agent configured with Active Directory account that agent starts under, has entry in 'LOGIN' object and runs the majority of Windows batch processes (job(s) attributes have this agent and login selected).


If I want to run a Windows process with different account to control access (or be controlled) I have defined a Windows job, selected the same local agent but select a LOGIN that is separate/unique with ONLY the accounts credentials.

The job fails with the listed error.

 I have the UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT settings correct (unless I am missing something new) and other remote processes run fine under the 'normal' local AD account.


Can I even do what I am trying?

Or am I misunderstanding how to "run as different user/account"?